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Our story begins in a small town

While walking the long gravel road of my family’s home in rural NKY at the ripe age of five, I wiped my brow and smelled freshly mowed fields, saw the hustle of cattle, heard the babble of the creek.  But what I was really thinking was what was mom making for dinner?  


Who would of thought the ornery teenage fishmonger at his family’s grocery store would have aspirations to be a chef. My teenage angst was apparent as my love for music, art, beer, and cooking rounded me out.  People in my small town watched me disappear into the hustle of restaurants. Dishwashing, soup making, floor scrubbing, punk rock and cookbook collecting became my life.


Charley's Crab house taught me fine dinning and humility. Iron Horse Inn taught me to hone my craft, become my own chef, my own person.  The Rookwood taught me leadership, heartbreak and success.

The next journey in my culinary life is a personal one, a historical one, and ode to our founding fathers in Cincinnati and my own lineage.  To understand where this evolving city is going in the future sometimes it good to step back and understand where a lot of us come from.

I'm happy to announce Bauer a European Farm Kitchen. This idea started out humbly at a food festival in a side room with food writer Keith Pandolfi.  Keith causally asked me “where is the good German food?” I couldn't answer him and it made me think.  He encouraged me to carry the torch, lead the way back home.  I was up for a challenge I've always had one at any of the restaurants I've run.  I began reflecting on history, flavors of the old country and cultures. 


Bauer will showcase our journey by celebrating French-German ideas with rustic approach.  Local farmers will help showcase simple executed dishes. German heavy charcuterie, French cheeses, small plates of dry aged lamb, local chicken confit, oxtail soup, spittle, schnitzel, to large plates of colossal porky goodness, bison sauerbraten, aged duck, and classic French style steak for two.

A historical walk down memory lane with modern technique and rustic plating is our mission. Small farm old world wine will be our focus and local craft beers will round out the beverage selections. For the last 25 years being a chef has been a dream.  I’ve been fortunate enough to work with some of the best local restaurants and visionaries. The time to learn who we are and where a lot of us come from will be a delicious journey.  I invite all of you to come home with me and celebrate with me.




Chef Jackson Rouse

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KOHLROULADEN - Savoy Cabbage Spring 2018 Bauer Farm Kitchen
Babushka Pierogies Bauer Farm Kitchen 2018
Hamburger Spring 2018 closeup Bauer Farm Kitchen
Schweine Kotelett Porkchop Spring 2018
Tarte Flambee 2018 Bauer Farm Kitchen
Oxtail Bourguignon Spring 2018
Bone Marrow Bauer Farm Kitchen Spring 2018
Tarte Tatin Dessert Bauer Farm Kitchen Spring 2018


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For reservations call 513.621.8555

435 Elm Street, Cincinnati, OH  45202  

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